Gold Word

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Free version:


Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod!

Download Gold Word Press Kit

See a short video of Gold Word

Gold Word may be the simplest word game you’ll ever play… but it’s practically impossible to master.  To play, use letter tiles to spell a word.  That’s it!  However, you’ll be judged on your ability to play quickly and to maximize the points in your word.  Gold, silver, and bronze medals (and bonus points) are awarded for making the most of the tiles you’re given.  For any given hand, the Gold Word(s) yield the highest possible raw score.  You have 30 seconds for each word, and more bonus points are awarded for finishing early.  In match play, you and your opponent get the same tiles, and compete to use them more effectively.

Here’s what’s great about Gold Word:

  • Very, very easy to learn
  • Fun to play alone or against an opponent
  • Very little time required: you can play by yourself in less than 30 seconds, and a full match takes just a few minutes
  • Hard to cheat: the timer and scoring rules make it impractical to use anagram tools, encouraging you and your opponents to solve words on your own
  • Matches decided by skill, not chance: you and your opponent get the same letters, so you never lose because of an unlucky hand

Gold Word is available in a free version and a 99-cent version.  The free version provides all the gameplay capabilities, and occasionally shows ads.  The paid version eliminates the ads and also includes the Stats section, which shows your word history, match history, and statistics.

Can you get the gold word?

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