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Gold Word v1.2 Available, with Facebook Matchmaking!

Version 1.2 of Gold Word and Gold Word Free was released today on the iOS App Store. The purpose of this release is to make it easier for users to find opponents for match play. If you like Gold Word but haven’t tried match play, I urge you to try it. I find the game to be far more exciting when you’re playing against an opponent. You never know when a word may be decided by a second or two on the clock, which can make the game pretty intense.

New features in v1.2:

  • Facebook matchmaking: Gold Word will display a list of your Facebook friends and indicate which ones have Gold Word v1.2. You can begin a match with any of your friends– even those who don’t have the game. If your opponent doesn’t have Gold Word v1.2, then a Facebook invitation will be sent to him/her, you can play your turn, and the match will be waiting for your opponent when he/she installs Gold Word.
  • Random matchmaking: You can play a match without finding an opponent ahead of time, and “post” your turn for another player to find later. If you don’t want random opponents to see your real name, then you can use any name you like.
  • Rematches: There’s now a rematch button on the match results screen, making it easy to keep an ongoing series of matches going against a favorite opponent. There’s also a Recent Opponents list, which allows you to begin a new match against anyone you’ve played against in the past.

Happy Auer Games thanks you for trying Gold Word v1.2, and we hope you enjoy it!