Gold Word v1.2 coming soon!

Gold Word v1.2 is coming soon! The overall theme is to make it easier for users to find opponents for match play. If you haven’t tried match play, then you’re missing out on the best part of Gold Word. It really is the best part of the game. “Intensity” is not something that’s usually associated with word games, but Gold Word can get pretty frantic– especially if you and your opponent are evenly matched and you know every second could be the difference between winning and losing.

I have spent the past month rebuilding the match play section so that users can use Facebook to find opponents. That means I’ve had to re-write all of the communication between players, since the original Gold Word relied on Apple’s Game Center for all of the match play communication. There are some nice side benefits to the new design:

  • Players can use anonymous nicknames to play against random opponents.
  • The game will keep track of your recent opponents, so you don’t have to scroll through all your Facebook friends every time.
  • The match results screen will include a Rematch button; this will also help you avoid searching for the same opponent repeatedly, and it will allow you to build rivalries against the opponents you find through random matchmaking.
  • Any given opponent will always “see” you by the same name. So you could find one random opponent and play as “Darth Vader”, and play another opponent as “Lord Voldemort”. Rematches against both opponents will continue to use the same respective names.

I have all of this behavior working on my test devices. Now I need to test it vigorously, find and fix as many bugs as I can, and make a few minor visual tweaks. The new version should be ready for release in April.

I have far more Facebook friends than Game Center friends, so I’m eager for this new version to be released!

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